Monday, July 19, 2010

Difference between Korean and American culture by Dan


Americans are not trained to see themselves as members of religious group, nation or any other collectivity, but Koreans are trained like that.
Absolutely we are individual. However we like to act as groups. So we have strong bond with many people and family. We apparently prefer group than individual.
For example when their child is young, Americans want to raise their child strongly, so when their child wants something they but that for them only their child have enough money to buy that. I think it is because American parents want to their child learning how to use their money properly. It is kind of education for their child to live individually in their future life. But in same situation Korean buy that for them without any purpose or anything. We think when the child grow up they learn how to use their money properly. Until that time is coming the parents give their full support to their child. Because of that we are little dependant to our parents but it is okay I think.

In America privacy is closely associated with individualism all Americans have their own boundary that other people are simply not supposed to cross.
Even if American treat you very friendly, that’s not meaning that you can cross their boundary.
On the other hand, Koreans don’t have such a boundary. Of course we need a little boundary to protect our privacy but not that much like American’s. We like to share our idea with their family or friends. We like to move together and act together.
My opinion is Americans like to live by themselves but Koreans like to live together.

Their notions of equality lead Americans to be quite informal in their general behavior and in their relationships with other people.
For example American clerks have been trained to believe that they are as valuable as any other people, even if they happen to be engaged at a given time in an occupation that others might consider lowly.
In Korea we also treat every person equally but only exception is job. There is one Moto that everybody believes in Korea. That Moto is “customer is king.”
So every clerk has to respect customer during their working time.
Sometimes in Korea some bad people use that thing. They ignore clerk and act like insane. My conclusion is every Koreans are equal but it doesn’t work at job world.

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